You’re On a Mission to Change the World-

We’re on a Mission to Help You Build Your Platform to Do Just That

You’re On a Mission to Change the World-

We’re on a Mission to Help You Build Your Platform to Do Just That

We know making a huge difference in the lives of others is important to you.

We also know how hard it is to apply that passion to your own business.

When you’re launching and building your brand, you need a solid foundation to build it on.

It’s time to let go and grow.

Together, we’ll nurture your brand into what it was always meant to be. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

“Fully met my expectations. Laurie is accessible, easy to speak with, and bounce ideas off of. I would refer all my business friends to Laurie!”
Kim Activ
Activ Mom

Hello. I'm Laurie Baines, the founder of Creative Insights.

I’ve been the creative director, project manager, designer and brand ambassador for major brands for nearly 3 decades. Having worked for in-house marketing departments as well as advertising agencies, I have both offline and online experience directing large scale in-house marketing and design projects.

At one time, I reached a point where I needed a change.

The experience in the corporate environment wasn’t a good fit. It made me stronger, helped me see how brand development could be done better, and helped me grow. But, I really wanted to expand and reach my own potential, just like you.

After months of research, I found an online entrepreneurial community, with women from all fields, learning, growing and empowering each other. The mentorship and camaraderie was so encouraging!  I began soaking up knowledge and skills to transfer my expertise to the online environment. I left my job and didn’t look back. 

I built Creative Insights as a design studio with high-quality output, without the depersonalization of typical agencies. You get all the advantages of working with a high-level agency director, but with the personal investment and guidance of a friend. I never let anything get in the way of providing you the support and skills needed to make your brand successful

Let’s see if we’re a perfect match so we can build the foundation and platform that lives up to your potential.

See how we can support your vision through the services we’re proud to offer.

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