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Amber Brooks

Founder, Brandividuation

Creative Direction

Insightful, Authenticity, Adaptability, Ambition, Consciousness, Disciplined, Integrity, Sincerity, Perseverance

BRAND PERSONALITY: Helpful, Resourceful, Driven, Bold, Perceptive, Supportive, Dependable, Efficient

VISION: “Greater potential that leads to bigger impact is always lying just below the surface and I aim to help passionate purpose-driven serving hearts find it. My vision is to be known as the leading source for meaningful brand development with a highly qualified implementation team.”

VISUAL BRANDING: Amber’s brand is clean, modern and strong. Visuals have linear patterns, perspective and structure and lots of whitespace. POPS of her signature red for emphasis support the message without deterring from the overall goals.

Pivot Package Website Design

“Laurie took my vision and helped me see how to make it a reality. She helped me go from band-aid brand to powerhouse brand over the past year- and we’re not even done.

I seriously can’t say enough amazing things about Laurie. Her skills and insights are out of this world, top-notch. It’s so relieving to finally be connected to someone who cares just as much about having a premium quality brand as I do.”

Amber Brooks
Founder, Brandividuation

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