Creative Direction

BRAND PERSONALITY: Trust Worthy, Comfortable, Knowledgeable, Integrity, Empathetic, Effective

VISION: Our mission is to provide our clients a safe, friendly, and clean environment, while using the highest quality of Colon Hydrotherapy equipment in order to help your body function at its optimum level naturally. Our vision is to help as many people achieve maximum health in their lives.

VISUAL BRANDING:Energetic, natural, calming inviting branding with the flow of energy.

PROJECT: Brand refresh, website design with an inviting flow of information. An educational and informative space for those searching for healing support of digestive issues, boosting energy, improving immunity and support of your overall health.

“It was such a pleasure collaborating with Laurie to create a new website for my business. While the initial efforts, with another web developer were stressful for me, Laurie’s professionalism and expertise allowed me to quickly gain confidence in her abilities. Laurie had so many great ideas that brought my website to a much higher level and the results exceeded my expectations! In addition, so many current and new clients have told me that they love my new website which is a testament to the business growth I’ve realized. Way to go Laurie!”

Diane Wright

Are you ready to grow your brand beyond belief?

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