How Laurie Helped Pamela Dale Build a Brand She Can Step Into

Case Study

Pamela Dale

Life & Business Coach, Find Your Fierce

Passionate, Authentic, and Intuitive

The Change-Maker

Pamela Dale is a life and business coach who helps female entrepreneurs find their inner fierce, fund their passion, and follow a strategic plan towards success.

The Challenge

Pamela had been running an agency and wanted to go back to coaching. She’d built a huge, successful business, but realized it wasn’t what she wanted and didn’t reflect who she was. She was overwhelmed with having to start over again and knew that since she was finally starting to step into who she is, she needed a professional expert who could bring her vision to life and have it represent her true identity.


  • discovery
  • strategy
  • branding
  • website design
  • development
  • launch

The Solution

Pamela reached out to Laurie and was happy that Laurie was equally excited about the project. Laurie took the time to really get to know her and her vision, ask the right questions and develop a visual to reflect Pamela’s vision. From there, Laurie developed her visual branding, brand board, delivered a folder of brand collateral assets for social media and for the website builder to use, provided brand coaching, and provided creative direction for her planner. 

“I need somebody to walk beside me when I’m stepping into something and I knew that she believed in me. That was really powerful for me. So, I think you get a partner when you hire Laurie.”

What made the process so easy and enjoyable was the partnership developed between Pamela and Laurie. The honesty, expertise, authenticity, intuition, and support Laurie provided Pamela made the project go smoothly and the outcome exceed expectations.

“You want someone who’s an expert at their craft. Laurie won’t bandaid a project. She will tell the truth all the way through the project about what it is that she needs, what she can do.”

Pamela Dale

The Outcome

Pamela shares that she now has a brand that she can step into – one that meets the vision for the future of her business. Her branding will support her growth and further development of her business, attract perfect fit clients, and allow Pamela to make an even bigger impact. 

“She went to the vision that I had for myself – this is my future, my impact, my everything. She brought it to that level and I feel like it’s something that I’m working to step into. It’s bigger than me. It’s got a life of its own right now and that’s what’s inspiring is it’s not even me, kind of – it’s my mission, it’s my work – and I have to step into it.”

Moving forward, Pamela says she’ll refer other driven, serious, impact-focused brands to Laurie when it’s time for them to create the visuals for their big visions. She knows Laurie will take their brand to a new level – one that elevates the vision they have for themselves that will take them where they want to grow.

Our Services

“You want someone who’s an expert at their craft. Laurie won’t bandaid a project. She will tell the truth all the way through the project about what it is that she needs, what she can do.”

Pamela Dale

Creative Direction

BRAND PERSONALITY: Inspiring, Generous, Brave, Loving, Lively, Adventurous

VISUAL BRANDING: Pamela’s brand instills hope, inspiration, knowledge and power for her clients. Working with Pamela brings insight from one’s own answers to further their path of growth and spirituality. This clean, modern brand approach meets her clients where they are and provides a fresh timeless space to fuel the fierce woman inside as she rediscovers herself.

What the Client Would Say to Others Considering Hiring Laurie

“I know from working with her that she’s concerned about every step of the way and she does everything she can to make it happen. You know you can trust her. When people are ready to move beyond a band-aid brand and take it to the next level, hire Laurie.”

Are you ready to grow your brand beyond belief?

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